About Our Company


KWIKMARK specializes in the manufacture and supply of laser guiding equipment for tunnels in the Coal, Gold, Platinum, Magnesium and Diamond mines. Kwikmark products have also been used in the civil construction industries.

The idea "KWIKMARK" was conceived by Charles MILLETT-CLAY (an ex miner from Western Holdings Gold Mine, Welkom) 45 years ago when he wanted to change the tunneling concept in the mining industry to make it a much more simpler and accurate procedure.

He then invented South Africa's first ever blast hole projector known as the "KWIKSPOT" portable projector.




The technology of the KWIKMARK RANGE of equipment is advanced and precision made which provides accurate indications and ensures safety and durability in difficult conditions.

The products are manufactured from high quality materials which makes them robust for underground conditions especially the marking-off of tunnels ranging from 3m x 3m – 10m x 10m.

KWIKMARK is, by industry standards, a small company however specializes in equipment that saves time and money in tunneling.

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