Laser Accurate Angles

KWIK-ANGLE is a versatile instrument used for measuring vertical and horizontal angles plus any leveling likely to be found in the daily routine of underground mining and tunneling. Kwik-Angle is best described as a simple theodolite which has an accuracy of 1 degree, however the telescope has been replaced with a laser pointer. Vertical angles are measured by means of a built in inclinometer.

This unit is compact and fits onto any standard survey tripod. The mass of the unit is 3 kg and the body is made from hard anodized aluminum The laser pointer is powered by a 3 volt internal battery which provides an operating time of 10 hours. The range of the laser pointer is 100m+ in underground conditions.

Typical uses for the KWIK-ANGLE are: Straight line extensions and turn off angles in tunnels, raises, winzes, ore passes and setting of grades. Turn off angles in room and pillar mining and setting of fan holes to be drilled in sub level stoping.



The Instrument Consists Of:

Leveling Base

This base is a surveyor's tribrach and has a 5/8' witworth thread to fit onto any standard surveyors tripod. This is used to simplify the levelling of the instrument.

Pan Head

The pan head has two bearings both of which can be locked or unlocked by means of screws. The one bearing provides 360 degrees rotation on the horizontal axis and the other provides 180 degrees on the vertical axis. (0 to 90 degrees left and right sides).

Extension Shaft

The pan head is attached to the leveling base by means of an extension shaft which allows the pan head to be raised 100mm. A lock-screw is provided to lock the extension shaft in lowest position or any position up to 100mm.

Digital Inclinometer

An digital inclinometer is fixed to the side of pan head and angles from horizontal to vertical can be measured .

Laser Pointer

The top of the pan head is equipped with a laser pointer which rotates 360 degrees. The laser pointer rotates on a protractor which enables horizontal angles to be measured with an accuracy of one degree. The protractor is also movable which allows the user to zero the protractor.


The laser is a 3,5mw class llla type battery powered laser and has an effective range of 100 meters.

Battery Pack

A 3.0 Volt battery is used.


Different Uses for KWIK-ANGLE UNIT

1. Mining and Tunneling
  • Straight Line Extensions: Kwik-Angle can be set up below a survey bench mark and laser light can shine on a line suspended from a second survey bench mark and on rock face simultaneously creating a straight line for 100 meters.
  • Turnoff Angles: Kwik-Angle can establish a straight line as described above and at desired turnoff point can be re-aligned, back sighted to survey bench mark and then turnoff desired angle.
  • Grades: Kwik-Angle can be set up under survey grades and by means of fine adjustment of extension shaft the laser light can light up the grade lines thus establishing grade for up to 100 meters.
  • Box Holes: Horizontal angles are turned off as in (2) above and then by means of the inclinometer a vertical angle is also measured.


2. Construction Underground
  • Conveyor Installations: Aligning and Grading
  • Foundation Work: Aligning and leveling of foundations
  • Pipe, Cable and Track Installations: Aligning and Levelling


3. Other Uses Indicating vertical and horizontal lines:-
  • Painted on aeroplanes, boats and squash courts etc.
  • Mirror & cupboard installations
  • Tiling on walls and floors

Technical Information:

Length: 305mm (405 mm extended)
Diameter: 150 mm
Extension: 100 mm
Mass: 3kg
Diameter of Inclinometer: 45 mm



Diode Operation: 3,5mw Power (Class llla)
Battery: 1 x 1.3 Volt Battery
Beam: Effective to 100 meters+
Beam Colour: Green Dot is not seen in sun light.
Dot Size: 5mm at 100 meters. 3mm up to 10 meters
Battery Charge Life: Continuous use of 10 hours



Robust & Tripod Mounted Easily Transported
Low Maintenance Safe & Simple to use
Battery Powered One Man Operation


A padded carry case is provided to transport Kwik-Angle.

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